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           The official newsletter of Sh-boom

4th Quarter/1999 No.20
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The Birds and the Bees...& the Otters?
Sh-boom has game!

Sh-boom is preparing to sing the National Anthem for two NEW St. Louis area sports teams!  Both teams begin play this fall in the brand new 10,000 seat St. Charles Family Arena near I-70 and Fifth Street. Sh-boom fans are invited to attend both events.

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The Missouri River Otters UHL hockey team opens its season on October 23rd. Sh-boom sings accapella from 6:00-6:45 in the lobby and the Anthem just prior to the 7:00 game time.

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The new pro Basketball team, the St Louis Swarm, has invited Sh-boom to "1950's Night" on January 14, 2000.  Sh-boom sings the anthem before the game and performs accapella at half-time.

Discounted reserved tickets in the "Sh-boom section" are available at all Sh-boom performances.

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Dance Dance Dance
Upcoming Casa Loma Dates

Don't miss these opportunities to dance to Sh-boom on one of the largest dance floors in the Midwest.

    October 30- Halloween Costume Dance with cash prizes
December 11- Christmas Dance with optional buffet dinner
    Sh-boom and the Casa Loma are Y2K Compliant!!  Plan ahead for these dates: January 22
* April 15 * September 9 * October 28 * December 16
Casa Loma is in South St. Louis.  Dances are 8:30-12:30. Call (314)664-8000.

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New Year's Eve    
Ring in Y2K with Sh-boom

Does the millenium unofficially begin with 2000 or 2001?   Who cares! Either way, you can be certain this New Years Eve celebration will be a memorable one. Don't miss out!

Sh-boom counts down the final hours of 1999 at the Renaissance Hotel (next to St. Louis' Lambert Airport).  The Renaissance promises an evening with flair: gourmet food, great service and a few surprises, all at a first-class venue!

All-inclusive packages are $325 per couple.  The price includes your hotel room, dinner, unlimited cocktails, party favors, champagne, a New Year's Day breakfast buffet, and much more.

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Sh-bits and Sh-blunders
Sh-boom gossip and gab

This issue launches a column called "Sh-bits and Sh-blunders" (say that 10 times fast) filled with gossip and gab about the band. Eat your heart out Jerry Berger!

Tessiturian tunester 'Lil Ricky made an appearance with Sh-boom in Wentzville, his hometown.  It was the first time Rick had joined his former song mates on stage since departing in '98.

Set the Trip Tik for 2001.  The boys are researching a tropical getaway and you're invited.  Cancun, Nassau, Ocho Rios and Potosi are under consideration!

Lectric Lamar and Heartthrob Rob were witnesses to one of the worst accidents in St. Charles Co. history: Ruffy, the River City Rascals' roving mascot, turned over his mo-ped during a 7th inning celebration.  His air-bound vehicle came within feet of taking out one fourth of Sh-boom and their families.  Ol' Ruffy is fine; Lamar and Rob, however, are left with an overwhelming fear of mo-peds, motor sports, Moto-Marts, and anthing connected with a "mo" prefix. Mo on this later.

Dyno Dave was ticketed in Highland, Il for illegally parking near the stage.  Highland's finest assessed a $10 fine.  Like the Israelites received manna from heaven,  Dave mysteriously received enough bread in an envelope to cover the fee.  Thanks to the anonymous donor.

The "Sh-bimbo's" were spotted around town looking for new dresses. Our best guess is they didn't find anything on the "petite" rack.

Finally, Lamar lost his wallet in Springfield, IL. Can you guess where he left it? Yes at the "mo"tel.

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I Wonder Why
A fan speaks out

Name: "Cissie" Dorenkamp
Home: North St. Louis County
Occupation: Hospital Scheduling

Q: When was the first time you saw Sh-boom?
A: 1996 at Chuck-A-Burger

Q: How often do you see Sh-boom?
A: An average of 3 times a month

Q: What is your favorite Sh-boom venue?
A: The Casa Loma Ballroom in St. Louis

Q: What are you favorite Sh-boom songs?
A: Some Kind of Wonderful, Stand By Me, It's Alright

Q: What is your favorite Sh-boom memory?
A: The 1998 trip to Puerto Vallarta

Q: What do you like most about Sh-boom?
A: The camaraderie of the guys in the band.  They have so much fun on stage that it rubs off.  Sh-boom always picks me up and puts me in a good mood!

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Its My Party

Here it is, my first year anniversary with Sh-boom.  I almost passed on the opportunity to audition because I didn't think I stood a chance.   My wife, Amy persuaded me to take the chance and I'm grateful for her support as well as the band's.  I was especially grateful in March when I sang with Sh-boom in the Bahamas!!

During my first year I've worn a skirt, swallowed bugs while singing, lost my wallet, lost 14 pounds and driven around Illinois at 1 a.m. trying to find my way home.  Oddly enough, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

'Lectric Lamar

Sh-Boom Copyright 2007
All rights reserved