2nd Quarter/2001 No.26
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Sh-Boom Previews Resort

Sh-Boom toured the Iberostar Quetzal resort in Playa Del Carmen during a
recent trip to Cancun. Beginning on May 5th, the band will enjoy a one-week
stay at the Iberostar with a group of over 80 fans.

Sh-Boom discovered that the Iberostar is a beautiful resort with water-lined
walkways, waterfalls, and exotic animals in a lush jungle setting. An
enormous theatre with a thatched-roof and all the latest in sound and
lighting equipment will be the site of the weeks final show. Add 2 more
shows at the white sand beach with a Caribbean blue ocean, and you know you
are in for a week you will never forget. Sh-Boom's all-inclusive package
includes 2 buffet restaurants, 3 specialty restaurants, and 4 swimming
pools. An array of water sports and Sh-Boom games & activities await you.
Sh-Boom also has a special gift for all those who are coming along which
will let everyone at the resort know you are "with the band".

Start packing and we will see you in the Mayan Rivera!! If you haven't made
reservations, there may still be time to join Sh-Boom. Call 1-888-447-9227.

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Habitat for Humanity benefit in Highland

Habitat for Humanity is the beneficiary of an April dance featuring Sh-Boom
as they perform the greatest rock 'n' roll oldies of all time. This event,
sponsored by the Catholic Fraternal Life District #IV, will provide funding
to build new homes for the less fortunate.

Help support Habitat For Humanity on Friday, April 20th at 8:00 p.m. at the
Knights of Columbus Hall in Highland, IL. Tickets are $15 in advance or $20
at the door. For more information call John at (618)654-2069 or Betty at

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Sh-Boom's Annual July 4th Celebration

Fly on over to Bluebird Park in Ellisville, July 4th, for the Independence
Day celebration.  Those songbirds (or old buzzards) of Sh-Boom entertain at
7:00 p.m. in the beautiful open-air amphitheater.
Bluebird's thirty-minute fireworks spectacular is something to crow about.
The gently sloped hillside offers the perfect vantage for an up-close view.
Don't worry about looking up to the sky for too long, the bluebirds are very

Recommended parking is at the intersection of Clarkson and Manchester Roads
with shuttle service to the park, less than a mile as the crow flies.
Admission is FREE. Call (636)227-7508.

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Sh-Boom's "e-list" (e-mail mailing list) is growing each day. Join the
e-list and stayed informed via e-mail of all the latest that is going on
with the band. Simply go to www.sh-boom.com and sign the new Guest Book or
send an e-mail to sh-boom@sh-boom.com and request to be added to the e-list.

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Sh-Boom Night at Busch Stadium

The boys of summer (that's Sh-Boom!) return to Busch Stadium to sing the
National Anthem for the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday, July 20th. Sh-Boom
steps to the plate at 6:45 p.m. to sing the Star Spangled Banner followed by
the first pitch to the Pittsburgh Pirates at 7:00.

Seating in section #218 is available to Sh-Boom fans by calling
(314)487-4266 or via e-mail (sh-boom@sh-boom.com). Discount tickets are just
$19.50 (regularly $22.50). Sh-Boom Night is co-sponsored by the Children's
Miracle Network of Greater St. Louis.

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This Date in Sh-Boom History

* April 19, 1998 -- Sh-Boom celebrates their 15th anniversary with over 100
fans in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
* May 28, 1983 -- Sh-Boom makes their first "official" public appearance as
an opening act for "Phase Four". Sh-Boom first appeared in the Fall of 1981,
primarily as a vocal ensemble. 1983 is when the current line-up and band was
* June 18, 1995 -"The Celebration" cruise ship burns adrift in the Caribbean
just six days before Sh-Boom is to embark on a 7-day cruise with 80 fans.
Meanwhile, a different ship is secured for the trip while Sh-Boom's
equipment sits in a Miami port and the band sweats bullets.

Sh-Boom's Casa Loma shows start earlier

Sh-Boom fans are getting to bed earlier on Saturday nights now that the Casa
Loma Ballroom is offering an earlier 8:00 p.m. start time for Sh-Boom
dances. Join Sh-Boom for their next appearance at the famous ballroom on
Saturday, May 19th which is located near the old Lutheran Hospital and
"Antique Row" in South St. Louis city. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. For tickets
or directions call (314)664-8000 or visit www.casalomaballroom.com.

Sh-Boom Gossip and Gab

Sh-Boom's 4th annual Night of Miracles Dance was a great success. This one
evening brought the four-year total of proceeds to the $100,000 mark to
benefit the children of St. Louis by way of the Children's Miracle Network.
Every cent is distributed directly to the two children's hospitals in town.
Sh-Boom friends, Vinnie Pietropauli and Paul Brunette made guest appearances
with the band.

In February, Sh-Boom appeared on KLOU Radio with afternoon host, Smash. Sir
Smashington is always a gracious host and allocated a nice time slot to the
band on 103.3 FM.  Brad, Scott, Dave, and Rob served as judges on the show
for a yodeling contest. Bad Brad disclosed that his grandfather was quite
adept at yodeling. Can you imagine any of Brad's white-legged kin in

Remember those old reruns of Batman? Seems you never knew who might show up
as Catwoman in that week's episode. The part had been played by three
different actresses, each one more alluring than the other. Now with
Sh-Boom, you can never guess who might show up as the "Little Surfer Girl".
Several Sh-Boomers and fans have recently donned the grass skirt and coconut
shell bra. The band is even considering playing a game with the act - Guess
the Mystery Surfer Girl. Also under consideration are such games as Pin the
Tail on the Surfer Girl and Spin the Surfer Girl. Let us know your

Cancun welcomed Sh-Boom in March as the band performed at the Moon Palace
Resort for the Konica Corporation. While BenJamin' searched for his lost
luggage, the rest of the band searched for the pool and the bar. Both
parties were successful in their pursuit.

Let's review some important information about Mexican exchange rates; 48
Mexican pesos equal about 5 U.S. dollars while 5 Mexican minutes equals
about one and a half hours by U.S. standards. Just ask any Mexican cab

For more travel tips check out this quarter's featured review of the
Iberostar Resort in beautiful Playa del Carmen.

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