Summer Edition/2003 No.32
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Sh-Boom's 20th Anniversary Trip to Memphis is here!

Sh-Boom has received many inquiries about the Memphis trip asking whether the two nightclub performances are open to the general public.  The answer is yes!!  If you have not signed up for the Sh-Boom fan travel package, you still have an opportunity to see Sh-Boom in Memphis.  Make the drive south and hear Sh-Boom perform on world famous Beale Street! Here are the details:

Friday & Saturday June 27th-28th
Elvis Presley's Nightclub
126 Beale Street
Show Time: 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.
For information call (901)527-6900

Thursday, June 26th
Sh-Boom will sing the National Anthem at the Memphis Redbirds game.  Game time is 7:00 p.m.  Come on down to Memphis for Sh-Boom's 20th Anniversary.  Keep in mind, it only happens once every 20 years.

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What Sh-Boom fans are saying

This just in from a Chicago area fan:  "We drove from CHicago to see Sh-Boom after finding a listing on the Internet.  An INCREDIBLE night!!!! I have never danced so much in my 53 years.  As an experienced musician... I can say... all of you are the best.  Many thanks... you were really worth the drive and motel stay."

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Or...What's Your Email Address?

Want to be too cool for school?  Now is the time to join the Sh-Boom email list.  A sign-up sheet is located at the front of the stage at all Sh-Boom performances.  You can also join by signing Sh-Boom's Guestbook, or by sending an email to .  You will then be with 'the in-crowd' since you will have the latest breaking news about your favorite band (that's Sh-Boom of course).

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Sh-Boom returns to the Renaissance Airport Hotel for another great New Year's Eve celebration.  This year, music will be provided exclusively by Sh-Boom.  The hotel is located at 9801 Natural Bridge Rd., just across from Lambert St. Louis International Airport.  Stay tuned to for details including a look at he menu and the all-inclusive package.  For more information call (314)429-1100.

Hey, Baseball Fans, it's...
Friday, August 8th @ 7:00 p.m.
Cardinals vs. Atlanta Braves

Tickets in loge reserved are $20.50 each (savings of $2.50)
Send a check payable to Sh-Boom along with a S.A.S.E. to:

For more info' call (314)487-4266
Sh-Boom Night is co-sponsored by the Children's Miracle Network of Greater St. Louis

Sh-Boom Gossip and Gab

Sh-Boom performed for long-time friend (and former roadie) Eric Steinnerd's wedding reception at the beautiful Sheldon Hall.  Congratulations to Eric and Lori.  Speaking of weddings... Sh-Boom recently entertained the Missouri funeral Home Director's Association.  All puns aside, they were a very lively crowd.  Congratulations to Sh-Boom fan, Mary Kay, on her recent birthday.  It is the policy of the Yak and it's writers not to disclose sensitive information such as a lady's age.  Therefore, we can say only that it was a privilege for the band to perform at her party - especially since we had also performed at her 30th celebration 10 years ago.

The annual Night of Miracles Dance raised over $30,000 to benefit the children's hospitals of St. Louis.  Thanks again to Gil Engler and his staff at Children's Miracle Network(CMN), Marriott Hotels, LDS Audio & Lighting, DJ & Christine Kent, Pete Colombo, and the individual band members for their time and donations.  Many thanks also to each of you who support CMN of Greater St. Louis.

Generally speaking, the band members and the entourage of celebrity guest artists who travel with Sh-Boom get along famously.  There was recently, however, a minor backstage altercation between Jake Blues and Elvis over a little issue of stolen toilet paper from the dressing room.  We're happy to report that the two have since turned the other cheek, wiped the slate clean, and put the matter behind them!

Sh-Boom brought the beaches of Mexico and the Caribbean to the dance floor of the Casa Loma Ballroom for Spring Break '03.  The band turned up the heat with four hours of tropical flavored rock 'n' roll, and limbo & hula-contests.  Let's do it again next year and call the sequel, Son of the Beach.

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