Summer/Fall Edition/2005 No.37
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Welcome to another on-line edition of Sh-Boom's newsletter.  This edition includes articles and information not available in the "hard copy" version you may have delivered to your home. 
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Sh-Boom & Chuck-A-Burger reunite for summer concert

A youthful Sh-Boom plays Chuck-A-Burger (Circa 1983)
A youthful Sh-Boom plays Chuck-A-Burger (Circa 1983)

Two St. Louis institutions, Sh-Boom & Chuck-A-Burger, are reuniting for a special event on Friday, August 19th. It’s been nearly a decade since Sh-Boom has serenaded oldies music fans, classic car buffs, and burger connoisseurs at this local landmark. Now Chuck-A-Burger, a north county landmark for nearly a half century, opens a second location this summer in St. Charles. The new restaurant features inside seating, a large parking lot for car shows, and full time curb service! This is a night sure to be filled with nostalgia. Pack up the whole family and drive on out to St. Charles to enjoy a classic car show, great food, and a FREE Sh-Boom concert! To get there, take I-270 to north county. Then turn west on Hwy. 370 toward St. Charles County. Exit at Elm St. and look for the crowd!

WHEN: Friday, August 19th
WHERE: Chuck-A-Burger West 
WHAT: Grand opening & car cruise
TIME: 7:00-11:00 p.m.
ADDRESS: Hwy. 370 at Elm St. in St. Charles
MAP: Click here  
PHONE: (636)724-9500 or (314)427-9524
COST: It’s free!!!!!!
Note: Rain out date is Sunday, August 21st

Chuck-A-Burger -- Cruisin’ since 1957!
Sh-Boom -- Playin’ since 1983!
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Sh-Boom guitarist also dabbles in Baubles & Beads

Fans often ask the band members if playing music is a full time endeavor. Sh-Boom guitarist, Tom Gerke, laughs at the suggestion. Tom couldn’t be busier during his time away from Sh-Boom. By day, Tom is a network systems technician. If that isn’t enough, Tom and his wife, Tehri, own and operate the Baubles & Beads Jewelry Company in Alton Square Mall. The store features fashion jewelry, costume jewelry, and much more at wholesale prices. As you stroll through Baubles & Beads you will also discover dolls, purses, and a plethora of gift items. Tom’s wife, Tehri, personally creates the hand-made jewelry and name bracelets from crystal and sterling silver. The couple travel regularly to gift and jewelry shows throughout the U.S. to purchase inventory and to collect ideas for their store. The store has been in operation for about two years.

Located on the lower level of Alton Square (across from Bath & Body Works), Baubles & Beads is open Monday thru Saturday from 10-9 and Sundays from noon to 6:00. The store phone number is (618)462-2060.  When you stop by, mention Sh-Boom and receive a special discount. Who knows, you might even be able to get a free “Tommy G” autograph!
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Sh-Boom Night at Busch Stadium is July 15th

Join Sh-Boom and fans for the final season of baseball at the current Busch Stadium. Friday, July 15th is Sh-Boom Night at the Ballgame. The St. Louis Cardinals host their central division rivals, the Houston Astros. Be there by 6:45 to enjoy the pre-game festivities including Sh-Boom’s performance of the National Anthem! Next, join the band and fans in left field (section #280) for just $19.00 per ticket. That’s a $3.00 saving off the regular price of admission. This evening is co-sponsored by the Children’s Miracle Network of Greater St. Louis

Send your request for tickets, a check made payable to “Sh-Boom”, and a S.A.S.E. to:

Sh-Boom Ballgame
P.O. Box 260066
St. Louis, MO 63126-8066

All ticket sales must be finalized by July 7th.
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Sh-Boom Gossip and Gab...and other observations by Heartthrob Rob.

I’m reminiscing of those summer nights, 22 years ago, when Sh-Boom played car cruise shows at Chuck-A-Burger. There were classic cars everywhere, nostalgia, good food, and waitresses on roller skates – ooh, I had almost forgotten about the waitresses on roller skates! We were youthful, energetic, and underpaid. Hey, two out of three ain’t bad! Those days will soon be back as Sh-Boom will play the Grand Opening of Chuck-A-Burger’s NEW St. Charles location.

That’s right! Sh-Boom turns an astonishing 22 years old this summer! Meanwhile, the guitar strumming duo of Ben Lackey and Tom Gerke celebrate 17 years with the band, Lamar Pilsing celebrates his 7th year of soaring vocals, and Dennis Roussin celebrates his third year layin’ down the beat. Just click on their names to read all about these dedicated dudes.

You might think the band turns 82 judging by all the recent injuries. Ben, Lamar, and Dave have been limping from toe, knee, and back pain, respectfully. Brad suffered burns to his hand in a grease fire, and Scott – well, let’s just say Scott’s problems are “all behind him” now. The bevy of health-related injuries have inspired the band to add new songs to the play list. Ben now performs a rousing rendition of “Gout to Get You Into My Life”; You’ve got to see Dave’s and Lamar’s stylishly choreographed medley of “The Neuromuscular Twist” & “Lean On Me”; Bad Brad updates his Elvis parody to include “Hunk O’ Burnin’ Flesh”, while Screamin’ Scott performs an inspired, if not gut wrenching, version of “Wipe Out”!

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