Fall/Winter Edition/2005 No.38
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Welcome to another on-line edition of Sh-Boom's newsletter.  This edition includes articles and information not available in the "hard copy" version you may have delivered to your home.  Sh-Boom looks forward to seeing you at an upcoming event this fall and winter!
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Sh-Boom Gossip and Gab...and other observations by Heartthrob Rob.

In August Sh-Boom traveled via charter jet to the Greenbrier Resort to perform for a corporate event.

The exclusive Greenbrier in West Virginia is a well known PGA stop and home of golf pro Sam Snead. Band members Ben and Rob waited several hours in the clubhouse bar in hopes of a chance meeting with Mr. Snead, but Sam was a no show. The night, by all other accounts, was a resounding success. Sh-Boom’s outdoor poolside performance was framed by the Allegheny Mountains and the championship golf course. Thanks to the Lexington Group for booking the gig.

Sh-Boom played in the Ozarks this summer for groups of doctors and lawyers, leaving the band invulnerable to any malpractice suits. Now, if we could just get insurance against anyone hitting us up for cheesy humor and bad impersonations! The shows were at Branson’s Chateau-on-the-Lake and the Lodge of Four Seasons.

Speaking of bad impersonations, expect to see new appearances by Simon & Garfunkel, and Aretha Franklin with the Frankly Ugly Chicks at upcoming shows.

Drummer Dennis now sings songs by Ray Charles and Charles Daniels . As you can see we limit Dennis’ impersonations to a very narrow range of names.

Sh-Boom performed the National Anthem at the current Busch Stadium for the last time over the summer. The band brought the house down…so to speak! We hope to see you at the new Busch Stadium next year.

Welcome in the New Year with a party at the Heart of St. Charles Banquet Center in, you guessed it, St. Charles. For more info click here. The location of the annual “Night of Miracles” dinner/dance is also new; Sh-Boom will perform this yearly highlight at the Marriott Airport location.

What fun it was for the band to perform again for our friends at Chuck-A-Burger. Sh-Boom opened the doors of the new Chuck-A-Burger in St. Charles, MO on August 19th. Chuck-A-Burger has the best burgers, shakes, and nostalgia in town, and we’re not saying that just because WE WANT TO PLAY THERE AGAIN AND GET FREE FOOD!

Let’s recap: Sh-Boom played Chuck-A-Burger in St. Charles and will play New Year’s Eve at the Heart of St. Charles. Perhaps we should let Dennis sing his “Charles” songs more often. Peace, out.

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New Sh-Boom pic's to view

A picture IS worth a thousand words! Dianna Trombino, better known as talented photographer “Lady Di”, follows both local and national blues bands. Lady Di discovered the non-blues antics of Sh-Boom at a recent show in Highland, IL and has been following us every since. Dianna maintains an excellent web site called ladydibluescorner.com where she posts pictures of her favorite local and national bands. It’s reported that she’s the official photographer for BB King when he’s in town. Check out some great photo’s of Sh-Boom at the following links;

Highland Kirchenfest on August 27th

Wentzville Fall Festival on September 17th

St. Francis Parish on September 24th

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Sh-Boom website to get makeover

The Sh-Boom website is ready for a new look and you can have a say in the new design. Just click on one of first 3 choices below or click on the fourth link to let us know what your own original idea is.

  1. 50's Retro theme
  2. Drive-In Theater theme
  3. Jukebox Diner theme
  4. Here is my idea

23rd Annual dance was a sell-out!

Sh-Boom’s 23rd annual dance at St. Francis of Assisi in Oakville , MO was an extraordinary success. Well over 400 tickets were sold in advance of the annual September event in South County . The gym was packed with Sh-Boom fans dancing elbow-to-elbow where the band has entertained for 23 consecutive years. What started out in 1983 as a small “beer & belly-bomber” sock hop has continued to grow each year. Look for Sh-Boom to return to St. Francis for the 24th annual dance on September 30, 2006 !

Sh-Boom invites you to attend a
1410 So. Fifth Street (at I-70)
St. Charles, MO

Tickets are $150 per couple. Price includes:

To purchase tickets or for more information call (636)947-8270.

Not interested in driving home after the show? There are numerous hotels located near the Heart of St. Charles including a Comfort Suites Hotel directly next door. For more information on hotel lodging click here.

For more information about the New Years Eve party including a schedule and a sneak peek at the menu, go to http://www.sh-boom.com/NewYear05.htm.

Don’t miss this one!!

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