Spring/Summer Edition/2006 No.39
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Welcome to another on-line edition of Sh-Boom's newsletter.  This edition includes articles and information not available in the "hard copy" version you may have delivered to your home.  Sh-Boom looks forward to seeing you at an upcoming event this spring and summer!
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Bio for Sh-Boom Band Members

What is Rob's "real job"? Which celebrity do fans tell Brad he looks like? What is Dave's favorite hobby? Where does Scott like to eat after the show? In each edition of the Yakety Yak we will provide a brief bio about a band member. To read the following profile for Sh-Boom singer Lamar Pilsing in its entirety, visit Lamar's Profile. To view other band member's profiles, go to Sh-Boom Profiles. Each of the band members and crew are profiled on the web site. The profiles were all recently updated.

Name: Lamar Pilsing
Nick Name: 'Lectric Lamar
Instruments: Tenor vocalist, Trumpet
Year Joined Sh-Boom: 1998
Hometown: St. Charles, MO
Current Residence: St. Charles, MO
High School: Orchard Farm High School (only one farm?)
Family: Beautiful wife, Amy. Beautiful daughters: Alaina & Olivia
Pets: Lacey(dog), Lucy(hermit crab)
Hobbies: Songwriting, video games, recording
Favorite Sh-Boom songs: Baby Come Back, Just My Imagination
Boxers or Briefs: Briefs
Leno or Letterman: Letterman
Favorite Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse
Favorite Quote: "Behind every good man there is a woman rolling her eyes."

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Sh-Boom Gossip and Gab... and other observations by Hearthrob Rob

The class-A standard of journalistic reporting you have come to consistently expect from this column obviously requires a keen sense of research and investigative prowess. I must admit that leads and inspiration were slow in coming for the quarter's edition, so when I heard that Sh-Boom front man Dyno' Dave Caito had a new pizza joint named after him, I was on the story like olive oil on Bruschetta. "Pack up the bambino Honey" I said, "we have a scoop to follow!"

My Sh-Boom press badge earned me third place in the waiting line at Caito's Pizzeria on a Saturday night in Chesterfield, MO; the aroma of garlic wafting in the warm Spring air. My family and I were seated a mere 15 minutes from our arrival and, having memorized the menu, were ready to order. "Two beverages, #3 appetizer (a finely prepared toasted bruschetta topped with a blend of garlic, tomatoes, and basil) arrived I noticed the nice looking family that was being seated adjacent to our table. I recognized the familiarly inquisitive expression of the gentleman of the family as he called over the owner/manager on duty. "Hey, are you related to Dave Caito of Sh-Boom?" he said, "I noticed the name and figured you had to be related somehow". This reporter's ears perked at the mention of Sh-Boom.

"Yes, he's my cousin" responded the owner, "in fact, my name is Dave Caito as well". (Now, I assume that David is a common Sicilian ancestral name, but my investigative duties do not require me to research to that level).

"Man, that band is great!" the costomer continued, "and how many years have they been together?" This was my chance to enter the conversation, "23 years" I inserted from the table next, and we all had a good laugh as I explained my Sh-Boom connection.

Caito's Pizzeria is located at 414 THF BLvd. Chesterfield, MO, (MAP) just next to the Galaxy Theater. The menu includes 10 specialty pizzas, "Create Your Own Pizza" combinations, and an assortment of fine and authentic Italian/Sicilian cuisine. A vintage collection of Caito Family photos adorning the walls adds a nuance of Old World charm to the ambiance. The food is expuisite!

Make sure you check out John Caito's graduation photo on the Men's Room door. John is Dyno' Dave's father. Just remember "John on the John". I hope I stated this clearly - this is NOT a picture of John sitting on the John, but rather a picture of John that is displayed on the John door. Awe heck, just go see for yourself.

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Sh-Boom to sing National Anthem at Busch Stadium

Here's your chance to get tickets to the new Busch Stadium, Friday, July 14th, as the Cards take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Sh-Boom performs just prior to the game.

Sh-Boom is generally allotted a group of tickets courtesy of the Children's Miracle Network of Greater St. Louis. The band is able to offer these tickets to fans at a discounted price. Seating is limited and ticket pricing is not yet established, so make sure to look regularly for updates on our Baseball Page or call for information at (314)48SHBOOM (314)487-4266.

Sh-Boom Returns to Chuck-A-Burger in St. Charles

Sh-Boom's first outdoor show of the year is coming to St. Charles on Friday, May 19th. Less than a year after the band performed for the grand opening of the new St. Charles Chuck-A-Burger, Sh-Boom returns to play another free show on the parking lot of this landmark. You'll feel like you stepped back 50 years in time as you enjoy a free Sh-Boom concert, see classic cars galore, and dine on great classic cuisine from the kitchen of Chuck-A-Burger! Don't miss this rare chance to see the band on a Cruise Night at the new restaurant in St. Charles. Sh-Boom begins playing at 7:00 p.m. Bring a lawn chair for seating and arrive early to secure a prime seat on the parking lot. If you have a classic car you would like to display, call Ron at (636)916-1957. For directions see the MAP. For more info call the restaurant (636)916-1957.

Sh-Boom Show Directions Available On-Line

Did you know that Sh-Boom provides directions to each event on-line? Look for the "MAP" link next to each event on the on-line Sh-Boom calendar. The address for each venue is pre-loaded into MapQuest. All you need to do is to click on the "MAP" link next to each event on the Calendar. Sh-Boom directions ensure that you (and the band members!) will arrive on time to the next show!

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