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Fall/Winter Edition 2007 No.42

Concert Schedule

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Ballroom Blitz

Casa Loma Ballroom Hosts Sh-Boom for 80th Anniversary

After a three year absence from the South St. Louis landmark, Sh-Boom is back at the Casa Loma Ballroom on Saturday, October 27th. Sh-Boom helps the Casa Loma celebrate their 80th anniversary with the annual Halloween costume ball. One of the highlights on this night is the costume contest with $500 in cash given away. Contestants, with some of the most creative costumes you’ll ever see, come from far away to compete in the celebrated contest. Observers will line the balcony and the perimeter of the dance floor to secure the best viewing spots for the contest. Sh-Boom is known for pulling off some of their more creative antics on this night. The ballroom, which opened in 1927, features the largest “floating” dance floor in the Midwest. Tickets are $15 per person and secured parking is available. Don’t miss this rare Sh-Boom appearance at the Casa Loma Ballroom in South St. Louis on Saturday, October 27th. For tickets call (314)664-8000

invites you to attend a
1410 So. Fifth Street (at I-70) in St. Charles , MO

$85 per person includes

For tickets call (636)947-8270
Visit Sh-Boom's special New Years Eve info page to see the dinner menu and information about local hotel accommodations. 

Sh-Bits and Sh-Blunders

Sh-Boom gossip and gab...and other observations
by Heartthrob Rob

Sh-Boom vocalist ‘Lectric Lamar Pilsing celebrated his 40th birthday in August. Lamar’s wife Amy threw him a royal surprise party including a Lamar trivia contest. Do you know Lamar’s actual first name? I do, but have been sworn to secrecy.
Meanwhile, Dave and Nancy Caito celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Their daughter Danielle organized a party in the family’s own basement - and actually pulled it off as a surprise!
Sh-Boom guitarist Rockin’ Ron Roskowske taught sessions at a School of Rock camp for teenagers last July. The event brought together some 40 young musicians with the area’s best instructors as well as nationally recognized Rock celebrities. Rockin’ Ron’s claim to fame is that he has now played Ted Nugent’s Stranglehold with the legendary Derek St. Holmes. St. Holmes was the co-writer and lead singer of the song on Nugent’s 1975 self-titled LP.
Sh-Boom sang the national anthem at the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game August 10th. As we turned to walk from the field the iconic frozen custard mogul Ted Drewes, seated directly behind the fence, stood up and said …can you guess? Yes, you’re right, with a thumb up he said, “It really was good Guys” just like in his TV ads. What a hoot!
Undoubtedly the strangest event that happened recently involved the band’s trip to Quincy, IL. We had chartered two separate airplanes, one to depart with 4 band members from Chesterfield, MO, the other to depart with 4 members from St. Charles County. The flight from Chesterfield was delayed and nearly aborted due to an apparent malfunction in the left fuel pump. As we (I, being on this flight) hurriedly unloaded our belongings from the plane and were busy reloading them in a car, the pilot came running from the airfield and shouting that he had fixed the problem. “It was only a tripped circuit” he announced, “and I’ve fixed the problem!” ONLY A TRIPPED CIRCUIT! Was this guy nuts? With more than a little trepidation, however, we reloaded the plane en route to Quincy. Hey, at least we were going to have a great story to tell the other guys upon arrival, right?
We landed safely in Quincy and departed the plane, but before we even had a chance to tell of our harrowing adventure the other four guys, in unison, said “you won’t believe what happened to us!” It turns out that as their flight was ascending from the runway at St. Charles the passenger door flew wide open! Drummer Dennis was nearly hanging out the plane trying to retrieve the errant door when his shoulder strap broke leaving him suspended a mile above the ground, restrained by only a waste strap! The pilot abruptly banked the plane to the left sending Lamar's prostrate against his window – I’m imagining one of those Garfield dolls that people like to press against the window of their car. The plane then swooped around to retouch the runway as Dennis finally gained control of the door, the pilot reaching across his lap to latch it down, and then taking off again in one continuous sequence! Needless to say, their story trumped mine.
So, as we conclude this installment of Sh-Boom gab and gossip, I remind you to keep rockin’ to the Oldies, stay away from small plane charter flights, and look for the new Sh-Boom frozen custard concrete at Ted Drewes - It’s nutty and pink.


Former Band Member Makes Appearance

Former Sh-Boom drummer, "Mighty Mike" Watermann, joined his ex-band mates on stage over the summer at a private party in Belleville. It was Mike's first time to sit in with the band since he departed for the left coast in 2002. He was Sh-Boom's drummer for 18 years (1984-2002).
Mike, a native of Washington, MO, now lives in Northern California where he is Program Director and On-Air Personality for 97.7 The River, a classic rock radio station. Mike and his wife, Jane, have two sons living in the Midwest, while their youngest son attends the University of California-Santa Barbara.
Since moving to California, Mike has also performed with numerous bands including a renowned Rolling Stone tribute band. Mike is currently playing with the Fortunate Sons band in the Bay Area. Their saxophone player is Al Garth, who performs with The Eagles and will be touring with them this fall. 


Sh-Boom & Wehrenberg Partner for Movie Promo

Sh-Boom went Hollywood, sort of, over the summer with a special appearance at Wehrenberg's Galaxy 14 Cine in Chesterfield, MO. Crowds arriving for the Friday night flicks encountered the music of Sh-Boom in the theater lobby. The band was there to promote the opening night of "Sing-Along Grease", the interactive movie experience. While Sing-Along Grease played on the Mega Screen, Sh-Boom performed while the aroma of fresh popcorn and nachos permeated the air. After wards, several of the band members and fans were spotted at the nearby Caito's Restaurant chowing down on delicious Italian cuisine. Watch for Sh-Boom to do more promotions with Wehrenberg in spring 2008.

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