Sh-boom's Mexico Memories
A Journal about our 15th Anniversary Trip to Puerto Vallarta

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"Our Gang"

Sh-boom's seven-day vacation at the all-inclusive Allegro Resort in Puerto Vallarta surpassed all expectations. With two previous Sh-boom cruises under our belt, we weren't quite sure what to expect of a vacation on dry land. But by the seventh day we didn't want to come home!

"A very cool airport billboard"

The trip to commemorate Sh-boom's 15th Anniversary began on Sunday, April 19th with Sh-boom boarding a TWA charter packed with instruments, costumes, sunscreen, and over 100 fans. 7:00a.m. was much too early to arrive at the airport considering Sh-boom performed until midnight in Illinois the night before. After the show, Dyno' Dave and Screamin' Scott made it an "all-nighter" taking care of the Sh-boom trailer and equipment prior to filling up on Grand Slams and coffee at the Bridgeton Denny's and heading to the airport.

Everyone in our group received t-shirts sporting the new Sh-boom 15th Anniversary logo. The back of the t-shirt read, "Esta bien, yo estoy con la Banda," translation: "It's Okay, I'm with the band!"

We played Sh-boom trivia on the plane and learned meaningful facts like: How tall is Bad' Brad? (5'18"). We didn't allow the flight attendants much rest during the four hour flight as we soon discovered that all beverages were complimentary. The entire stock of beer on the plane was consumed and we were about to find out that this would be a recurring theme for the week.

"I can see my room"

Three Mexican bus drivers somehow got us safely to the Allegro Resort Nuevo Vallarta, just outside of Puerto Vallarta. In all the excitement we didn't realize that Dyno' Dave, Screamin' Scott, and Lil' Ricky were still at the airport trying to get the band equipment through customs. Mike Schultz and Connie Kravanek were also left behind while searching for their lost luggage. Once they all made to the resort we attended an orientation hosted by a guy named Angel who told us that the water was safe to drink (as if any of us were interested in drinking water) but that we might want to take it easy on the sun and tequila (yeah right). Since everything at the hotel, including tequila, was free, we left our money behind and headed straight for the beach-side bar.

"Which of the palm trees is the real one?"

During the week, Sh-boom performed three concerts against a backdrop of palm trees (ok so some were made of cardboard) and the Pacific Ocean. The Monday night Sh-boom concert was cut a little short because someone on the hotel 5th floor actually wanted to go to sleep before midnight (go figure!). During Wednesday's daytime concert the crowd danced by, well actually in the pool. On Friday night the crowd danced to the sounds of Sh-boom near the beach into the wee hours of the morning.

Sh-boom not only performed for our group of 100-plus from St. Louis, but also for all the other hotel guests. People were there from Los Angeles, Portland, Boston, London, and even Fenton (Missouri)! We met new friends, exchanged business cards, and many vowed to keep track of Sh-boom via the internet.

"If you need us, we will be at the poolside bar"

"All-inclusive" meant an unlimited supply of Pina Coladas, Mexican beer, Banana Mamas, and yes... Tequila! Food was also included and accessible nearly 'round the clock. We feasted on flautas, pasta, roasted boar, fresh fruits, omelettes, french pastries...... and really exotic foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and pizza.

We participated in the resort's activities and shows too. Sh-boom fan, Douglas Allen came in first in the "Tequila Call" competition while Bad Brad came in third in the "Ironman" competition (yes there were more than three contestants!). We also met great people like Andy the Activities Host and Armando the Bartender.

"links anyone?"

As a group we played golf, horseshoes, ping pong, beach and pool volleyball and The Newlywed Game! Others para-sailed, boogie-boarded, sail-boated, wind-surfed, and kayaked. Most of us bargained with the craft vendors on the beach ("almost free Amigo!" turned into "almost broke"). The ocean water was surprisingly warm and the daily weather forecast was almost boring......85 and sunny, 85 and sunny, 85 and.........

Most everyone wanted to explore more of Puerto Vallarta outside the resort. Nearly our entire group took a side trip on the "Party Boat" (we ran them out of tequila continuing our theme). Others took a cab into downtown to shop at the flea markets. Other agendas included jungle safari's, bullfights, horseback riding, and romantic ocean excursions. The less adventuress were content just soaking up the Mexican Riviera sun at the pool or beach. Some appeared content just relaxing nearby at the poolside bar.

During one excursion, Screamin' Scott was thrown from a horse and landed in barb-wire. Scott suffered a few cuts and bruises but there was plenty of beer on hand to ease his pain. Upon returning to the resort he was fixed up by Don Vogel and the St. Joseph's Hospital medical team.

Most of us returned to St. Louis on Sunday evening April 26th with deeper tans (burns), heavier suitcases (souvenirs), and lighter heads (hangovers). Others just returned with new names like Scooby Doo and Mr. Spaghetti!

Thanks to the more than 100 fans who partied with Sh-boom in Puerto Vallarta. It was great fun meeting some of you for the first time and getting to know the rest of you even better (sounds like something I wrote in my high school year book).Thanks for your support and friendship. We all had a super time!

Special thanks to the following for making this trip possible: Tenholder Travel, Apple Vacations, Allegro Resorts, Winners Audio, and TWA. A special thanks to Sh-boom's own Dyno' Dave for organizing and preparing for this trip for a year prior to going. It was a great success!

Sh-boom has taken excursions to the Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, and now the Mexican Riviera! What could be next? Stay tuned for plans regarding "Sh-boom Road Trip 2001." Keep watching this web site for more details.

Winners of Sh-boom Sponsored Events
The Newlywed Game   Rawl and Peggy Schad
Golf Tournament   Kevin and Angie Schulmeister + Dyno' Dave
Beach Volleyball Tournament   Lil' Ricky's Team
Ping Pong Tournament   "Trooper Steve" Junk
Horseshoe Tournament   Mike Kuethe and Roy Craig
Sh-boom Trivia tie Douglas and Jackie Allen
Dean and Carol Schulmeister
Other Winners
Best Nickname   Spunky and the boys "Sam and Dave"
Best Tanline   Dyno' Dave's feet
Most Memorable Room number   411 "just throw Jim Hemp on the elevator and hit #4"
Best Bartender   Armando
Best M.C.   Andy
Best Side Trip   The Party Boat
Most Popular Drink   Cerveza (whichever kind they were not out of)
Most Broken Bones   Linda
Softest Hands   Scooby Doo


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