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Winter 2009/2010 No.46

Concert Schedule

To view a listing of upcoming Sh-Boom shows and concerts, click here.

The (Face) Book of Love

Discover Sh-Boom on Facebook 

Whether you're a Facebook veteran or just getting started, you can now find Sh-Boom on Facebook. Why? Photos, photos...and more photos! You can see Sh-Boom pictures on Facebook that you won't see anywhere else. Did you miss the last show? Don't worry because the pictures are on Facebook. What did Dave and Brad look like back in high school? Which fans were in the audience last night? What happened backstage before the show? The pictures tell the story -- and it's all to be found on Facebook. Also check out the "Video" tab for videos added by fans. If you don't already have an account you can create one at www.facebook.com. Then, just search for Sh-Boom (and don't forget the "dash" in Sh-Boom).

Only You (Tube)

Watch Sh-Boom on You Tube

Sh-Boom videos are starting to pop up on YouTube.
Watch the band's performance of the National Anthem in front of 40,000+ Cardinal baseball fans:

Or, view Sh-Boom's promotional video filmed in the early 1990's:


Stay tuned for more Sh-Boom on YouTube!

Guitar Pickin' Man

Q&A with Sh-Boom's Newest Musician

Name: Ron Roskowske
Nickname: Rockin' Ron
Instrument: Guitar
Year joined Sh-Boom: 2007
Day job: Music and Religion teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in Manchester, MO. I'm also a parish musician at Seven Holy Founders in Affton. I teach private lessons at Fazio's Music in Ballwin.
Family: Mary is my wife of 17 years. Daughter Shelby is 16. "Schatzi" is our minature schnauzer.
Education: Owensville High School graduate (in Gasconade County). I have a Bachelor of Music degree from Webster University.
Professional Music Background: I was in the Macks Creek Band and we released an album in 1980 and toured the Midwest, opening for bands such as the Outlaws, Pure Prarie League (when Vince Gill was with them) Greg Allman, and Black Oak Arkansas. More recent bands include Sundance & Brass and a blues-rock group called Soul Bone.
Tell us about the Kingdom Brothers Band: The Kingdom Brothers is an ongoing project that has been together about 5 years. The concept is to play the music we love, which is blues, but doing it with a positive message, since we are all Christians, and playing it in both religious and secular venues. We have played places varying from BB Jazz and Blues downtown to Christian Coffeehouses such as Ascending Glory. We have released one CD, "Shine a Light" and are planning to do another one in 2010.
Why Sh-Boom?: I've known the guys since 1983. I went to college with Hearthrob Rob at Webster Univ. I actually played one gig with Sh-Boom in the 1980's. When I heard Sh-Boom was looking for a guitarist a couple of years ago, I jumped at the chance!
What's on Your iPod?: Over 5,000 songs! I listen to everything from Stravinsky to Miles Davis to Brad Paisley. I also enjoy the Beatles Love CD, and the Robert Plant and Allison Kraus CD "Raising Sand".
Any Other Hobbies?: Not really, I'm blessed to have my job also be my hobby. I like watching sports, especially Cardinal baseball.
Favorite Movies?: As you might guess, most of my favorite movies are music-oriented; The Blues Brothers, That Thing You Do, Bird, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Any Little Known Facts?: I'm a big Warner Brothers cartoon fan- I have a large collection of DVD's and a CD of WB sound effects and music. I'm also a Chicago Bears football fan (I'm more upset about the Bears doing badly this year than the Rams).
Any Final Thoughts?: I've really enjoyed playing with Sh-Boom, and hope I can do this for many years to come. Editor's

Note: Ron has been a friend of the band for many years. We are excited to have this talented veteran of the St. Louis music community as a member of Sh-Boom.

The Long and Winding Road

Back in the Day with Sh-Boom

How long have you guys been doing this? What's the Lindbergh High School connection? What ever happened to so and so? Fans often ask about how the band got started and wonder what the former band members are up to. To read a brief history about Sh-Boom click here.

Guitar Neck


Sh-Boom gossip and gab...and other observations
by Heartthrob Rob

Sh-Boom was pleased to see former road crew member Bill Bailey at a recent show. Bill, formerly the band’s stage light operator and “bodyguard”, is now the mayor of Commerce, MO . We’re glad to see that some of us are moving up in the world. Commerce is a historically rich community of 110 citizens in Scott County.Bill

Some band members were pleased, as dignitaries, to attend the induction of Todd Newton to the St. Louis Community College at Meramec’s Walk of Fame. Mr. Newton is a graduate of Oakville High School and former Meramec student who has gained notoriety as a TV game show host and for his work on E Network. Sh-Boom was honored in 1999 to become the inaugural inductees to the same walk of fame.

Immediately following Mr. Newton’s induction ceremony the band traveled to Belleville , IL to perform at the Belleville Octoberfest. We’re not quite sure why the Octoberfest is held in September, but glad of it as the weather was perfect. The beautiful town square (which is round) provided the perfect backdrop for one of the final outdoor concerts of the season. ...And boy, can those Germans Polka to Louie, Louie!

The weather was not quite as accommodating the following weekend at Schroeder Park in Manchester. The audience, however, did not let the chill factor keep them away. There was a nice crowd for the evening and we appreciate their enthusiasm. Sh-Boom finished the outdoor schedule with one of the coldest concerts on record.

Take some time to visit Sh-Boom’s Facebook page to see photos from the summer shows as well as photos of the band’s early years.

Whether for the Octoberfest, the Italian-fest, a show in Branson, or for the Irish Gala, in sunshine or chilly breezes, Sh-Boom is the band for all occasions and any season. …And we’re endorsed by the mayor of Commerce.

Guitar Neck

Who Put the Bomp?

Sh-Boom's 10 Question Trivia Challenge

Test your knowledge of music, culture and the band! Each question deals a topic from the 50's, 60's or 70's...plus a couple of questions about the band. For the answers to the questions scroll to the bottom of this page.

  1. In a popular 1964 top 10 song Betty Everett proclaimed, “It's in his Kiss”. What is the real name of this song?
  2. In what year did Mattel sell the first Barbie doll?
  3. How many of the current Sh-Boom band members are from the original eight?
  4. In the Everly Brothers song, when did "little Suzie" finally wake up?
  5. What year was the hula hoop introduced?
  6. What pro basketball team won 11 championships between 1956-1969?
  7. In 1961, The Marcels had a #1 hit with Blue Moon. In which decade was the song, Blue Moon, actually written?
  8. From which St. Louis area high school did five of the current Sh-Boom band members graduate from?
  9. During their short career, which 1960's made-for-tv-band briefly sold more records than the Beatles and Rolling Stones combined?
  10. Which historic south St. Louis venue was the site of Sh-Boom's popular annual Halloween show for nearly two decades?

Guitar Neck

Return to Sender

Please make a note of Sh-Boom's new mailing address:

P.O. Box 752
Eureka, MO 63025

Guitar Neck

Trivia Answers

  1. "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)"  
  2. The first Barbie was sold in 1959 by Mattel.
  3. There are 4 members of Sh-Boom who have been together since 1983. They are Dave, Brad, Rob & Scott.
  4. Little Suzie woke up at four o'clock.
  5. The hula hoop was introduced in 1957 and sold 25 million in 2 months.
  6. The Boston Celtics.
  7. Lorenz Hart and Richard Rogers wrote "Blue Moon" in 1934.
  8. Five Sh-Boom band members (Dave, Brad, Rob, Scott & Ben) all graduated from Lindbergh High School.
  9. At the height of their popularity, the Monkeys actually sold more records than the Beatles and Rolling Stones combined!
  10. The Casa Loma Ballroom hosted Sh-Boom's annual Halloween show for many years.

Guitar Neck

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